The GöHPCoffee is a bi-weekly meeting on Wednesdays at 11:00 to give a place for a free and informal meeting between users and staff. These meetings are open to anyone, regardless of your expertise on HPC, we welcome everyone. Our aim with these events is to support the HPC user community, in particular

  • improve communication between users and admins,
  • support networking between the users,
  • help you with issues and answer your questions,
  • and share our plans and get your feedback.

You can just enjoy a coffee with us. Also, if you have questions and issues, that seem too small, too big, or too complicated to put into a ticket, come join us. We will gladly

  • help with Linux questions,
  • give you scripting advice,
  • help you set up simple or complicated Slurm scripts,
  • give hints about performance improvements,
  • debug your connection troubles,
  • and so on.

Each event aims to have a short focus session for 5-10 minutes in the beginning. The topics can be about anything from interesting use cases, challenging issues, to new software features or workflow engines. Or even if you just want to show off a cool (job-)script. Hence, we invite everyone to contribute to these topics. If you want to give such a small presentation or request one about a specific topic, please let us know.

The rest of the meeting is open to discussions, problem-solving, and well, coffee. You will find a list of sessions with their discussed topics and slides in the table below. If you have any further questions, please reach out to our community manager Alexander Goldmann.

For now, the meetings will take place on BigBlueButton. You are also invited to join our #hpc-users channel on our RocketChat Server.

Next session: 2024-06-26

Date Topic Comments
2024-10-16 Implications of the removal of the GIL in Python
2024-10-02 HPC/GPU resources and hosting/housing options
2024-09-18 Intro to RShiny
2024-09-04 Automated Machine Learning with NNI
2024-08-21 Secure HPC - An (Almost) New Service for Sensitive Data
2024-08-07 Using ANSYS Remote Solver Manager to perform Simulations on Clusters
2024-07-24 The new storage systems of the HLRN/NHR Systems Emmy
2024-07-10 Bioinformatic Services at the GWDG
2024-06-26 CMake
2024-06-12 Workflow Tools
2024-05-29 Storage systems at GWDG and the user's problems to use them
2024-05-15 SSH Tips and Tricks
2024-04-17 Containers in HPC
2024-04-03 Do's and Dont's for Bash-Scripting Slides
2024-03-20 Optimizing Rust Performance for HPC Workload
2024-03-06 ANSYS-Postprocessing
2024-02-21 An introduction to solids4foam: an OpenFOAM toolbox for solid mechanics and fluid-solid interaction
2024-02-07 GoeGrid meets Emmy - Integration of HPC clusters into WLCG workflows
2023-12-06 Accelerating Data Transfers to GPU with GPUDirect Storage
2023-11-22 Introduction to advanced usages of ParaView
2023-11-08 HPC courses overview at GWDG
2023-10-25 A brief introduction to the Rust programming language for HPC Sources
2023-10-11 Couple your simulations easily and efficiently with preCICE
2023-09-27 How to do Quantum Computing in HPC
2023-09-13 General Q & A
2023-08-30 Introduction to OpenFOAM's coherent I/O format
2023-08-16 Introducing Concepts for Software Management as part of the GWDG strategy for Semantic Data Management
2023-08-02 OpenFOAM debugging Code & Video
2023-07-19 HPC Usage Example Repository - complementing documentation for NHR, SCC et al.
2023-07-05 Software installation with Spack – Administrators view
2023-06-21 Memory Mapping for IO and Sharing Data Between Processes
2023-06-07 High-Bandwidth Linux File I/O with O_DIRECT
2023-05-24 HPC Certification Forum: Implemenation of overarching standards in teaching
2023-05-10 How HPC increased the competition in Formula 1
2023-04-26 Using the new NHR GPU cluster “Grete” and other HPC resources at GWDG
2023-04-12 A brief introduction on Ceph S3-compatible Object Storage at GWDG
2023-03-29 On demand file systems with BeeGFS
2023-03-15 General Q&A
2023-03-01 Jupyter
2023-02-15 Energy efficiency optimization for HPC operation
2023-02-01 Protecting your files against bitrot and other corruption and loss
2022-12-21 Alphafold on SCC - An Introduction
2022-12-07 Introduction to the programming language Julia
2022-11-23 Using and accessing EMMY, the New GPU Cluster and Green500
2022-11-09 Container Pitfalls in HPC
2022-10-26 Performance Analysis of Parallel Applications: Some Useful Features of Vampir Part II
2022-10-12 HPC Support and Support 2.0 Project: Working with Users to Improve Service Provision
2022-09-28 Performance Analysis of Parallel Applications: Some Useful Features of Vampir Part I
2022-09-14 HPC/GPU resources and hosting/housing options
2022-08-31 Avoiding Data Leakage in Machine-learning based Projects
2022-08-17 Slurm Priorities and Fairshare
2022-08-03 Intro to RShiny Example Applictaion
2022-07-20 Secure HPC - An (Almost) New Service for Sensitive Data
2022-07-06 A Bash kernel for JupyterHub
2022-06-22 The new storage systems of the HLRN/NHR Systems Emmy
2022-06-08 Bioinformatic Services at the GWDG
2022-05-25 Do's and Dont's for Bash-Scripting
2022-05-11 Managing task-parallel computations with jobber Execute and manage a list of tasks as shell commands
2022-04-27 Distributed computing with dask
2022-04-13 CMake
2022-03-30 Workflow Tools
2022-03-16 Python Numba benchmarks
2022-03-02 Storage
2022-02-16 SSH Tips and Tricks
2022-02-02 Containers on HPC Feedback Pad
2022-01-19 Common Slurm Issues
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