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Browser HAR protocol

In order to diagnose certain problems on the service's website recording of a so called HAR protocol can be helpful. Our support will request such a protocol in this case.

Content of the protocol

The protocol contains information regarding the loading of the website in great detail. As such the protocol also contians some personal information like the IP address of the laptop or PC and attributes of the browser and the website itself, such as the username (in this case an account ID), title of the website (in this case also the title of the document) and may also contain parts of the text included in the website.

How the protocol is used

The information above are stored in a repeatable protocol und as such are visible for the support of GWDG **and the manufacturer of the service's software. GWDG will provide this protocol to the manufacturer's support if necessary. The protocol provides detailed information regarding the loading and processing of the website by the browser (in contrast to logging by the server).

Access by a third party, like the manufacturer's support, to the document or website, the account in the service or the general account with GWDG is not possible with information provided by the protocol. However it is advisable not to use the protocol outside of this support context.

Creation of the protocol

The functionality to create the protocol is part of the “developer tools” of the browsers.

How to access the developer tools for each common browser is described in this guide: https://support.ideascale.com/en/articles/3947625-generating-har-file-in-different-browsers

The basic process is:

  1. open the developer tools
  2. empty the existing protocol, verify recording is on
  3. reload/open the website
  4. export/save the protocol

Please provide the protocol file as an attachment to your support ticket.

Recording should be stopped after the export and the developer tools closed. Analysis and recording of browser activity only occurs when the developer tools are open.

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