Client Management

Windows client management with the baramundi Management Suite

The baramundi Management suite is a powerful tool for Windows client management. It can also be used to manage a large number of windows clients even in complex enviroments. The GWDG is proud to offer this tool to the Max Planck Society and the University of Göttingen at attractive conditions.


  • Central software and operating system pool for all administrators
  • Active Directory integration and automated synchronization
  • Multi-client capability
  • Fast delivery of required software and operating systems
  • Administrative tasks can be done automatically
  • Take an exact inventory of your IT environment
  • Provision of the latest patches
  • Remote maintenance
  • Contact:

Your requirements and benefits

Provided application and features only need to be stored once at a central place. This reduces time, costs and administrative tasks to a minimum.

Very important is the connection to the GWDG Active Directory. The baramundi Management Suite is capable to handle complete domain structures including organizational units and computer objects. Time consuming integrations of new windows clients by hand or network scans are no longer necessary.

The baramundi Management suite is multi-client capable. This means that institute administrators only have access to their own domains, organizational units and computer objects. Other domains are not accessible.


  • Operating systems can quick and easily be installed on different computers.
  • Any software can be provided in a secure way automatically.
  • There is a job control that defines what is to be done and when. A user can continue his work without interruption and he can also refuse or delay software installations.
  • Administrative tasks like deleting temporary files, setting new passwords, defragmentation of hard disks or uninstallation of software.
  • Take an exact inventory of your IT environment without disturbing the user.
  • Provision of the latest patch database as soon as possible at Microsoft patch days.
  • Security updates for all windows operating systems and software products provided by GWDG are installed automatically and can be distributed to all clients. The baramundi Management Suite contacts and updates all clients directly, which is a great advantage over the Microsoft WSUS service.
  • There is a remote maintenance tool that enables administrators to connect themselves to remote computers. Local users have to authorize every remote connection to prevent abuse.


To use our attractive conditions you have to order your baramundi licenses by the GWDG. Just send an email to A client license costs 46.15 EUR (excl. VAT) in the first year and 17.85 EUR (excl. VAT) in the following years.


The GWDG offers individual training on the baramundi Management Suite upon request. Please contact

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