The science network GÖNET connects scientific institutions in Göttingen. It also provides a internet connection over the X-WiN-connection provided by the DFN.

The GWDG operates the routers of the core network and the active network components (switches,firewalls and transmission devices) for the University of Göttingen and some of the Max Planck Institutes.

Terminal Equipment

GÖNET-Backbone The GÖNET connects attached terminal equipment to various services. On the other hand terminal devices connected to the GÖNET, especially servers, are accessible from within the GÖNET and the internet. Information on configuring terminal equipment in GÖNET can be found here.

The terminal equipment connected to the GÖNET is operated by the connected scientific institutions. Normally the equipment will be connected and configured by the staff of the particular institution. If it is requested the GWDG may perform these tasks.

Extensions of the network (additional switches or wall sockets) are commisioned by the connected institutions. For the University of Göttingen the responsible institution is the facility management of the university. Since the facility management is integrated in the helpdesk system of the GWDG, additional switches can be requested via an e-mail to support@gwdg.de.

Terms of Use

For the use of the GÖNET the terms of use for the GWDG and the DFN (only available in German) apply.

Maintenance, Disruptions and on-call Service

General and persisten problems are reported in the news section.
The announcements of maintenance and other sheduled downtimes will be published

  • in the news section
  • and on the mailinglist goenet@gwdg.de.

To subscribe to the GÖNET mailinglist follow this link.

Downtimes concerning only a specific area of the network will be arranged with the concerned institutions. There is an on-call service to analyze and eliminate disruptions.

During the business hours the GWDG service hotline will accept notices of malfunction, via the phone number +49 551 201-1523 or the e-mail address support@gwdg.de, and relay them to the responsible technical personnel .

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