The guest WiFi of the GÖNET is called GuestOnCampus. Students and employees can use it with their mail address and password. Guests of the University Library and guests with an event voucher are also authorized.

From now on, every authorized user is allowed to sponsor their guests WiFi access. This can be done by merely three clicks for details see this article.

Please note:

  • Employees and students should prefer the encrypted WiFi eduroam.
  • GuestOnCampus is not encrypted and should only be used with encrypting protocols like https or VPN solutions.
  • If your device does not recognize portal pages, just head to the page as your first stop.
  • You have to re-authenticate after twelve hours.

GuestOnCampus is available at all WiFi locations of Göttingen University and of the five Max Planck Institutes in Göttingen. Shortly it will also be available in the lecture halls of the University Medical Center.

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