Client Management for iOS and macOS

iOS and macOS client management and MDM with jamf Pro (formerly Casper Suite)

jamf Pro is a capable and powerful tool for iOS and macOS client management. It also provides a Mobile Device Management and integrates with (the) Apple School Manager for educational institutions. The solution is suitable for multiple use cases like mobile working groups and iPad classes. The GWDG offers this tool to the Max Planck Society and the University of Göttingen at attractive conditions.


  • Integration with Apple School Manager
  • Integration with the Device Enrollment Program (DEP)
  • Getting Apps via Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) for education
  • Device based App deployment.
  • Automatic policy based software updates
  • Multi-client capability
  • Active Directory integration and automated synchronization of accounts
  • Extensive and customizable Self-Service
  • Mobile Device Management for Apple Devices
  • Apple Push Notification service (APN)
  • Remote support (only with explicit consent)
  • Policy based
  • Take an exact inventory of your IT environment
  • Monitoring of hardware functionality (e.g. hard drives, memory etc.)
  • System updates can be provisioned by your needs
  • Contact:

Your requirements and benefits

Provided packages and policies can be customized reflecting the needs of your institution/organization. Software can be withdrawn from a machine and put back in to the license pool if a user leaves the institute. Apps brought with vpp and deployed using jamf Pro don’t need an individual Apple ID.

Increased security of your systems through policy-based prevention of non-authorized and potential malware.

A GWDG Account is recommended as the jamf Pro uses the Active Directory of the GWDG. If your institution isn’t connected to the AD new accounts will be created in jamf Pro itself.

jamf Pro is multi-client capable. That’s why each institute has its own “site” which can be adapted according to the needs of the institute.


  • Apps can be deployed easily to individual machines or whole pools.
  • Self-Service App with extensive options to customize
  • Users can work as non-admins but if administrator privileges are needed they can get them for a defined time span by using the Self-Service
  • Ready-to-use software packages can be provided through the Self-Service App.
  • Possibility to restrict the usage of certain defined software and / or system functions.
  • Your users aren't affected by changes of the OS that prevent their applications from running cause software updates are rolled out only when approved by you.
  • Policies for the distribution and usage of non App Store licensed Software/Apps are available
  • Options for system repair tasks
  • Take – if required - an exact inventory of your IT environment (Hard- and Software) without disturbing the user.
  • When given consent by the user adminstrators can provide help on the local machines.
  • If required machines can by be automatically encrypted using File Vault 2 and the recovery key can be stored safely at GWDG.


The licenses for educational purposes are provided for free by JAMF but there is an annual maintenance fee. The annual fee is 10,14 € for iOS and 20,28 € for macOS. If you are interested please send an email including number of iOS and macOS clients you want to manage to

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