TSM Admin's Corner: background information, tipps 'n' tricks

Background information

tipps 'n' tricks

operational documentation

In this section we start the documentation of the Spectrum Protect Operation at GWDG (as long as it's not confidental)


Sometimes TSM/ISP does (yet) not provide functionality the admins deserve, so let's develop some workarounds :-)

towards IBM Docs

ISP and Third Party Stuff

nothing by now


DB2 Topics

PowerShell & TSM/ISP

serverbased TLS

These pages will describe the use and configuration of TLS 1.2 within a TSM/ISP server.


Every two years the “TSM-Symposium” (since 2019 it's called “ISP Symposium”) the largest TSM^H ISP user meeting outside the US takes place. The last Symposium took place in Dresden: http://isp2022.com/

unsorted further stuff

  • ISP/TSM-Version naming:
    • VRMF = Version.Release.Modification-Fix
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