This page explains how to connect to our frontends using MobaXterm. This software allows you to generate ssh keys, create SSH-tunnels, copy data and supplies an X-Server for Windows.

Creating an SSH Key

The command used to generate the key file is: ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 2048 -f .ssh/id-rsa

Uploading the Key

To upload a key, please log into your account on the GWDG Website, go to “My Account”. Then scroll down to “Other Settings” and click “edit”. You can now add a public key.

Connecting to the cluster

If you are outside the GÖNET, e.g. not on campus and are not able to connect to the VPN, you need to use as an SSH-gateway or jump host.

If you are already in the GÖNET, you can leave out the “SSH Gateway (jump host)” configuration in “Network settings”.

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