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The VPN or Virtual Private Network can be used to securely connect to the GÖNET from the internet and the goemobile network.

The VPN connection will work over nearly all networks (DSL, ISDN, GSM etc.) but some access providers may block VPN connections. With the VPN it is possible to use resources which otherwise are only available from inside the GÖNET however it is not possible to access restricted journal via a VPN connection.

Due to the current load in VPN, two more servers were set up in addition to and . We recommend using one of them. This is only possible with the AnyConnect method , not the 'included client' of MacOS X or Linux' vpnc program .


The connection to the vpn can either be established using the Platform independent AnyConnect-Client or using operating system specific configurations. The operating system specific configurations provide better integration like automatic connection to the VPN if the GoeMobile network is connected. For Windows only the AnyConnect client is available.

Cisco AnyConnect for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X

Mac OS X

Linux (Ubuntu 18.04)


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