Instructions for Windows

On Windows, you can use several services with a GWDG Exchange account, such as e-mail, calendar, address book (contacts), notes, and task management. To use these services, you must have an installed MS-Outlook or Outlook Web App (OWA). For MS-Outlook, make sure that Outlook is set up as Exchange (MAPI Protokol). Here you can find, among other things, help on configuring Microsoft Outlook:

Alternatively, you can use a DavMail client for your email, calendar and address book. For this you can find the instructions via the following link: DavMail.

Outlook settings instructions

The settings instructions for the Outlook client are described here: Additional Outlook Client Settings.

If you encounter any difficulties with the settings of your email client, please contact our support team.

OWA settings instructions

Alternatively, you can make several settings in OWA, but the web interface has fewer options for sharing and rules than desktop applications. The settings instructions for OWA can be found under the following link: OWA settings instructions.

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