Forgot Password

To be able to login to our Customer Portal and other services, the password associated with your account is required. If you are no longer aware of your password, the way to reset is described below.

Where is the form?

The form can be found within the Sign In Dialog after selecting “Sign In”

and directly selecting „Forgot Password“.

Or simply use this link: Forgot Password


There are two different ways to reset your password.

Via E-mail address

Do you still have access to an e-mail address assigned to the account? And has Two-Factor Authentication or Security Questions been activated before?

In this case, “I have access to my verified e-mail account” can be left selected and the e-mail address has to be entered to start the process with “Restore your account”.

Via Mobile Phone (SMS)

Has a mobile phone number been assigned to the account before, and has it been activated to reset the password?

In this case, select “I have access to my verified mobile phone” and provide an email address assigned to your account and the corresponding mobile phone number to start the process with “Restore your account”.


If neither of the two above-mentioned options can be used, contact our Support for additional help.

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