Phone number verification

The Customer Portal provides the ability to verify mobile phone numbers using an mTAN. A verified phone number allows, for example, to reset a forgotten password.

How does this work?

Once a mobile phone number has been added to the account of the portal, the verification can be started independently. We will send you an mTAN via SMS to this number, which is valid for 30 minutes. Once this has been entered to the customer portal, your phone number is verified.


A listed phone number of Mobile 1 or Mobile 2 type which is unlocked for SMS usage.


The following steps describe how to add a phone number and the verification using mTAN in the customer portal (

#1 Add

Select Edit in the account part and navigate to the phone number section. Via Add Phone Number a dialog is displayed.

Ensure that the new number is of type Mobile 1 or Mobile 2,

enter your mobile phone number, activate the “Password Reset” option and select Save.

A mTan will now be sent to the specified number via SMS. Enter the code in the displayed Verification Code field.

Click Verfiy. The phone number is now confirmed and can be used to reset the password and for notifications.

#2 Verify

You already have a mobile phone number but have not confirmed it yet? These entries are marked with a ? sign.

Click on ? to send a verification code via SMS. The dialog for entering the code is directly displayed.

Enter the code and choose Verify.

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