Account Types

GWDG Full AccountGWDG Limited Account
A full account allows general access to all services offered by the GWDGAfter registering a new account, a limited account is created

Owners of a GWDG Full Account are also in possession of an AcademicID.

Available services in the Portal

GWDG Full Account GWDG Limited Account
GWDG Cloud Server On demand On demand
Mailing Lists Upgrade (1)
Gitlab On demand
ShareLaTex No
ownCloud (2)
ePIC PID Upgrade (1)
JupyterHub No

Upgrade Options

In addition to applying for a full account, it is possible for members of an institute / faculty belonging to GWDG's group of customers to automatically obtain permissions by specifying the official e-mail address of their institute / faculty.

GWDG Limited Account
(1)E-mail address with a domain, associated to an institute within GWDG customers list
(2)Quota is granted only by assignment of an institute or on demand. At start, you can log on to the service and collaborate with other users shared content.
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