Last Activities

This overview allows you to check for settings has been made on your account within the last 30 days.

How does this work?

When logging in to the customer portal and on every request, the IP address is communicated to the server. From this information the location of the requesting device can be determined approximately. The positioning may differ slightly from the real one, but is a clue when and where for example, a login was made. Especially when using a mobile network to access a location determination is only imprecisely.

Data Protection

After determining the approximate location based on the IP address, it is stored in anonymous form (89.152.*.*; the last two octets are removed.) within the database. The entire entry with location, IP address and the action performed will be automatically deleted after 30 days.


The overview offers the possibility to recognize unauthorized access or configurations and respond to. If a configuration was made or a login has been detected on the system at a time, to which you can not remember, the account password should be changed immediately. Contact our support if you have additional questions.

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