Common Errorcodes


KEY = 05

“KEY = 05” means Problems accessing Drive

in relation with

ASC/ASCQ Meaning Source
ASC=26 , ASCQ=00 + ANR8533W Due to the 'CHECKTAPEPOS' setting ISP is unable to set the drive to 'APPENDONLY' IBM-Documentation

KEY = 06

“KEY = 06” means “Unit Attention”

in relation with

ASC/ASCQ Meaning Source
ASC=2A, ASCQ=03 SCSI reservation error because several TSM instances use the same persisten name
ASC=29 , ASCQ=00 “Power-on, reset, bus reset”



ANR8460E AUDIT LIBRARY process for library <Library Name> failed.
in combination with possible reason solution
ANR9024E There are no drives available. at least one drive is not available check drives and make all available
check if drives are rotten and if so, remove their definition and paths completely


error number 2

PVRRC Meaning Source Solution
2843 unable to access gripper device restart Lintape daemon or Wintape service

error number 11

PVRRC Meaning Source Solution
2845 Unable to open device <DEVICE> audit library failed after drives / paths got unavailable scsi information mismatch:
* reboot server
* reboot library
* force rescan scsi bus on device layer
* check if the lintape driver is running ;-)


 ANR 8779E Unable to open drive <NAME>, error number= 2

in combination with


ANR1401W Mount request denied for volume <NAME> - mount failed.

Possible Reasons:

  • SCSI connection lost on Library Client:
    • Solution: rescan the SCSI bus:
      ⇒ run as root:
  • Persitent Naming fails due to an temporary SCSI-Error
    • Solution: let the udev daemon reload the rules:
      ⇒ run as root: udevadm trigger
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