not documented option of admin commands

here we collect some not documented options sometime useful. The list actually is not ordered properly by topic just “as it is” :-)

Library Manager

Delete orphaned volumes from volhist

  • Identify “old” owner:
    select * from volhistory where volume_name='<NAME>'
  • Delete volhistory entry by giving the name of the volume:
    del volhist type=remote volume=<NAME> tod=+0 force=yes
  • remove all tapes with a certain patter from volhistory using a bash shell on the libman' config folder,
    e.g. remove all LTO5 tapes on a LibMan called lm101:
      for i in $(grep "Volume Name" volhist.dat | grep "L5" | cut -f 2 -d '"')
        echo "lm101: del volhist type=remote volume="$i" tod=+0 force=yes"
      lm101: del volhist type=remote volume=HU2194L5 tod=+0 force=yes
      lm101: del volhist type=remote volume=HU2195L5 tod=+0 force=yes
      lm101: del volhist type=remote volume=HU2135L5 tod=+0 force=yes
      lm101: del volhist type=remote volume=HU2138L5 tod=+0 force=yes
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