Starting a TSM/ISP Server automated in a screen

Maybe you want to watch the output of a TSM/ISP Server, especially when it has crashed and you want to watch the crash the next time. You can do this by starting the server manually and observing the output windows. Well let's assume, you won't always go to the server and start it from the local pty, so using GNU screen let you disconnnect as far as the server has started.

Well, maybe you don't know when the server crashes the next time but also want to see the output if it happens? So starting the server always in a screen gets you prepared for this case.

Unfortunately in this scenario the server is not boot safe, so if something/somebody turns the power off, your server won't start by itself. In many cases this is what you want it to do: not to start in a nondistinctive environment.

But how to make it start after a reboot automatically?

  1. put the starting call in a script, calling it for this example
    echo "/opt/tivoli/tsm/server/bin/rc.dsmserv -u lm -i /lm/config/ -q" > /lm/config/
  2. adept the init scrip (e.g. /ect/init.d/lm) by replacing the start call:
    1. replace
      $serverBinDir/rc.dsmserv -u $instance_user -i $instance_dir -q >/dev/null 2>&1 &


      screen -S $instance_user -d -m $instance_dir/start_$ &

Due to my own tests, as well /ect/init.d/lm start as /etc/init.d/lm stop is working :-)

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