Microsoft Outlook 2011

Outlook 2011 no longer meets the current security requirements because it uses ciphers that are too old and can therefore no longer be used with the GWDG Exchange. Therefore, please update to a newer version of Outlook for Mac.

General Information

Outlook is a proprietary email client and PIM (Personal Information Manager) by Microsoft. His predecessor on Mac from 2001 to 2008 was called Entourage. Outlook can be acquired individually or as part of the mac:Office suite.


Outlook supports the protocols MAPI (Exchange), IMAP, and POP3. However, for full functionality, Mac users should use Exchange.

Incorporating an Exchange account is straightforward: Under Settings → Accounts you get to the dialog “Add Account”. Select an Exchange account here, and enter the required data. Enter the user name in the form GWDG\userid (e.g. “gwdg\cgauss2”).

You can check the settings in the account overview:

Regardless of the email address you specify here, Outlook will use your primary address as the sender address. If you want to change the primary address, you can do so at

If Outlook is unable to configure your account, enter the server manually.

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