Citavi campus license

Citavi campus license for the University of Göttingen

As of now, the University of Göttingen in connection with the GWDG offers to all students as well as full-time employees as part of a campus license agreement a free Citavi Pro license, including the Team edition. The well-known reference management program of the Swiss company Citavi can be installed on an official PC and on a computer at home. The software may be used as long as the campus license agreement is valid, that is currently until the end of September 2023.

For more information and how to obtain the license, please visit the following URL:

and the SUB, that was in charge of procuring the campus license and provides training to use Citavi. When ordering the license, a valid Göttingen University email address must be specified, which must necessarily end with or Other e-mail addresses will be rejected.

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