GWDG's Software Center

GWDG has commissioned the asknet AG in Karlsruhe to distribute the software for which the GWDG concluded Campus or collective licensing agreements over the Internet. The company has set up a website called Software-Portal Niedersachsen für Forschung und Lehre for GWDG and the state of Lower Saxony, which is to be found at

Furthermore, not only the licenses, but also the software itself and the associated documentation can be obtained as a downloadable product or on a disk. For the distribution, it is necessary to permit the asknet server to use cookies.

In order to use the Software Center a registration is required initially. You can choose your own login name and password, then a personal customer code (“Kundenschlüssel”) is assigned by the asknet AG. The registration form must be sent by post to asknet. Students must attach a certificate of enrollment. Thereafter, the account is activated.

Before using the Software Center you must login with your login name and password. Orders may then be carried out using your personal customer code.

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