XWindow terminal server "XWin32"

Terms of license

  • Members of Max-Planck-Society can get a license from a MPG campus license contract of XWin32DE.
  • If you are not a member of a MPI of Göttingen ask your local IT service for a license key. If your institute does not have license keys please contact the “Software Licensing Group (MPDL)”, e-mail: soli@mpdl.mpg.de. Anyway you can ask us if you have any problem in getting a license by email to support@gwdg.de.
  • Members and students of university of Göttingen, members of MPIs of Göttingen and other users of GoeNET (e.g. schools) can get a license from our campus license contract valid until 2022-12-31

XWin32 can be used either by node locked single license keys or by floating keys from a license server (if your IT have one running). Please ask us for a single license key by email to support@gwdg.de.
All other people we will help to find a cheap and comfortable solution, please contact us by email to support@gwdg.de.

Download and Installation

For installation on a PC you need the installation file named x-win*.exe, the portable version for installation on a flash device (e.g. USB stick) is named x-flash*.exe. In case of remote installation by an administrator you will use the X-Win32 19.msi file. Corresponding installation files are available on our server.

Installation is very easy but needs administration permissions unless you install the flash version. Internet connection during installation process is necessary. Standard installation procedure in case of a PC is described here, both other flavors are very similiar.

Software Updates

XWin32 will inform you automatically about updates during launch process. If a non-privileged user gets an update announcement it is strongly recommended to log out and relog in as administrator for update process. Please do not “switch” to administrator account!

Hints and Tips

How to create further connection profiles

For the first connection profil have a look at the installation manual. Further profiles are created by rigth mouse-click of a highlighted profile in “X-Config” window. “X-Config” program is started from program folder of start menu or if XWin32 is running from right-mouse click of XWin32 symbol in system tray. The latter will be found close to your digital clock on the bottom at the left side of desktop (default). Chose “Clone Connection” and connection type “StarNetSSH”. Than change the corresponding fields “Host”, “Userid” and don't forget to save this new profil using another name (otherwise your first profil will be overwritten!).

How to create short cuts to connection profiles

Creation of a short cut is an option of X-Config. Short cuts can be put into autostart folder of Win7 if desired. But this is not recommended to autostart more tha none profile. During login process network connections need some time to appear and start of more than one connection profile can result in more than one server instances running. This might cause troubles. [Hint: If you are familiar with batch scripts and DOS box of MSWindows you can autostart a script containing several connection calls which are “separated” by “wait.exe” (a freeware to define waits of several seconds)].

Use of SSH keys

In X-Config window you will find in “advanced” menu an option to import a SSH key.


Deinstallation done by system control panel probably does not erase folder “C:\programs\StarNet”. Connection profiles are stored within user profile and will be not erased too. Be aware: this may contain encrypted passwords if you stored these within connection profiles. Clean your profile carefully if necessary!

Configuration of XWindows

Font, color, window name, screen history, and many other features of XWindows are easily configurable as shown in document Configuration of XWindows.

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