EndNote (MPG)

The Max Planck Society has purchased for their institutes a site license for EndNote of the company Clarivate Analytics.

All institutes listed on www.mpg.de can download the software here:

EndNote X8 - Windows
EndNote X8 - MacOS

EndNote X9 - Windows
EndNote X9 (32-Bit) - MacOS
EndNote X9 (64-Bit) - MacOS (Catalina)

EndNote 20 - Windows
EndNote 20 - MacOS

EndNote 21 - Windows
EndNote 21.2 - Windows

EndNote 21 - MacOS
EndNote 21.2 - MacOS

The Windows ZIP files contain the MSI resp. DMG installation file and the license file. Both must be unpacked into a common folder. The installation can then be started.

If you can not access the download files, please contact the Software Licensing Group (MPDL), soli@mpdl.mpg.de, and give them the IP addresses of which the download is to take place.

For more information about EndNote and other reference management systems, see https://www.biochem.mpg.de/7026395/EndNote.

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