MindManager for research and education

Since 01.05.2008 the University of Göttingen participates in the leasing model for public universities and colleges of the Mindjet GmbH. Therefore the popular mind mapping software MindManager is available free of charge for all institutes, employees and all students. The license agreement with Mindjet is extended until 31.04.2023.

Download of the software

The software MindManager can be downloaded for both Windows and Apple MacOS i from the following download pages:
Note: Please remove all old Versions of Mindmanager before install Mindmanger 21 or 22 !!!

MindManager 21 Windows 64-bit Offline-Version: MindManager21_64bit_Offline

MindManager 22 Windows 64-bit Offline-Version: MindManager22_64bit_Offline Note: 'Installationshinweise22.txt' !

MindManager MAC 13 Offline-Version: MindManager13_32bit_Offline

MindManager MAC 14 Offline-Version: MindManager14_32bit_Offline

The software can then be installed on all PCs of an institute and on all the PCs of employees.

Workplaces in an institute

To install the software on PCs in an institute a registration key is required, which can be requested via support@gwdg.de. Please indicate “MM-Lizenzen” in the subject line of the e-mail . Please indicate also for which institute the registration key is required.

This key may not be used for the installation of MindManager on private PCs!


Students must request their registration key at the following URL:


Here a registration, a service charge of 4,99 Euro and then uploading the scanned confirmation of enrollment in JPEG or PDF format is necessary.

Afterwards the key can be requested following the tab “My documents” > “Licensed Programs”.


If employees of the University of Göttingen want to install MindManager on another PC as a PC in the institute, they must first complete and sign a form “Besondere Lizenzbestimmungen MindManager Edu Lizenzen”. Thereupon they can get the necessary registration key.

These forms are available at the Information Desk of the GWDG or can be dowloaded here. The completed forms can be exchanged against the registration key at the GWDG. Evidence of employee status is naturally required.


Mindjet offers support, as it is described on its Support Web pages.

Terminal Server

The software can also be used on our Windows Terminal Server.

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