CorelDraw Graphic Suite (University OF Göttingen)

Corel Academic Site Licence Premium (Campus License)

Since 2019, there is a campus license agreement between the company Corel and the Georg August University of Göttingen for the use of some Corel products.

Terms of Use

In accordance with the terms and conditions of the campus licence, all employees of the University of Göttingen (with the exception of the UMG), as an institution authorised to use the software, are permitted to use the software within the scope of their (official) activities. (incl. laptop and home use for employees).

Students can use the Corel software products via the PCs of the StudIT in the course of their studies at various locations (including LRC/SUB, Med, KWZ, and others).


The Corel Academic Site Licence Premium (Campuslicense) includes the following Corel products:

Software Operating systems Description
CorelDraw Graphic Suite 2022 Windows, macOS Complete solution for vector illustration, layout and image editing
CorelDRAW Technical Suite 2022 Windows Software for technical illustrations and drawings
Painter 2021 Windows, macOS Professional painting program
PaintShop Pro 2021 Windows AI assisted image editing program
VideoStudio Pro 2020 Lite Windows Video editing program
PDF Fusion Windows PDF-document editing and converting

Downloads and license key

The latest software can be downloaded here.

To obtain the license key of the respective product, please send an e-mail to

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