PDF-XChange Pro (MPG)

PDF-XChange Pro for the Max Planck Society

At the initiative of the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences the GWDG has procured an academic site license of the software product PDF-XChange Pro of PDF-XChange Co Ltd & Tracker Software Products for the entire Max Planck Society.

PDF-XChange can create and edit PDF documents. For a complete function overview have a look at the homepage of the software. The Pro version includes PDF-XChange Standard, PDF-Tools, as well as PDF-XChange Editor.

Usage and financing

The software may be used on all Windows systems of the Max Planck institutes in any number. Because it is a purchased license, it can be used indefinitely. An upgrade service is included, which now is extended up to May 2026.

The financing of the license is per institute. The cost for each Max Planck institute that wants to use the software is 240 € (plus VAT). Invoices are issued by the GWDG.

If you want to use the upgrade service over the first year up to 6th May 2026 the additional costs are 280 € (plus VAT) per institute. The invoices are also issued by the GWDG.

Procurement of software and license key

The latest software can be downloaded directly from the manufacturer (here are also available MSI packages for network installation and manuals). After installation, it can be tested for a limited time. If it is to be used permanently, a license key is required, which can be obtained from the GWDG.

For this purpose or if you want to use the upgrade service up to May 2026, please send an email to support@gwdg.de with the subject “PDF-XChange”, indicating the exact billing address. The license key is then saved to a file and sent to the address indicated via email. The invoice will be issued subsequently. The license key (up to May 2026) includes the upgrade to version 10.

Installation of the license key

The easiest way to integrate the license key into the system is during installation of the software. For this purpose the contents of the file that contains the license key has to be copied to the clipboard and then referenced by the installation in the appropriate field.

The license key can also be entered over the “Help” menu.

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