Sharing of an Exchange calendar

You can share an Exchange calendar from MS-Outlook, if Outlook is properly set up for Exchange. To share an Exchange calendar, switch first to calendar view or to folder view in Outlook. Calendar view can be found in the bottom left side of your program. Perform steps described below to share your calendar and to adjust calendar’s share permissions.

1) Create a new calendar

This step is optional. In the case you do not want to share your default calendar, you can create additional calendars from your Outlook. In the navigation pane, right click on the calendar under which the new calendar will be saved. Choose New Calendar….

In the Create New Folder settings window type a name for the new calendar and confirm the type(Calendar Items) and location(Calendar) of the calendar by pressing OK.

2) Send a sharing notification via mail

Every new calendar must be shared separately. Right click on the calendar and choose ShareShare Calandar option.

To inform the receiver you can type in some text in the given field at next dialogue. As soon as the share button is pressed, the share notification is sent to receiver's e-mail.

3) Adjust share permissions

Right click on your shared caldendar and choose Properties. In the Properties box, click the Permission Level down arrow, and choose a permission level to assign to every person you shared the calendar with. To edit permission you can check the boxes that apply in the Read, Write, Delete and Other sections, and then click OK.

Open the shared calendar

After receiving a sharing notification click Open Calendar field to access the shared calendar and hereby to add it to your Outlook calendars.

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