Staggering cost to use the campus license for ArcGIS

The current (from 02/2023) annual cost of participation is graded according to the existing or anticipated number of users of the products in the respective institute:

1 User: € 319,70 netto
2 - 3 Users: € 639,40 netto
4 - 6 Users: € 1278,80 netto
7 - 10 Users: € 1871,40 netto

The costs for the use of an 'Education Site ArcGIS Server Enterprise License' are available on request.

For larger numbers of users the cost sharing should be coordinated with the GWDG. As the number of users in your institute please consider also the use of the products in the production of dissertations and theses as well as training events.

The relative amount of cost sharing will of course depend on the total number of the participating institutions and the number of users. The above approach was chosen so that with the instantaneous participation of institutions the financing of the campus license is secured.

In order to achieve an fair distribution of costs, a realistic assessment of the number of users is required. The GWDG reserves the right to insist that obvious misjudgment of the number of users of an institution leads to a revision of the amount of cost-sharing for this institute.

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